Weekly Update- October 4, 2020

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Hi Husky Pup Families,

I want to start off by saying THANK YOU to our entire community for helping us make this year's Husky Pup Fun Run such a HUGE success. I have to admit that going into the event we didn't know what to expect. We didn't know how involved our community would be while on a distance learning platform, what our fundraising would look like, or even if the air quality would let us get outside. But, our Husky Pups proved to us we had nothing to worry about. They rallied around this event, and they got their families and friends involved too. In the face of distance learning, a pandemic and varying smoke levels, our students got out there and tackled route after route after route. MES teachers brought our daily challenges into their classrooms all week long, students dressed up in silly costumes and attempted to ride their scooters backwards, and even after a difficult summer, over 50 local businesses sponsored our event. 
And that wasn't all! We were able to raise almost as much as our record setting year last year! We set a lofty goal of $50,000, and as of writing this email, we are only $5,000 away! To say we were blown away would be putting it lightly, and it isn't over yet! We are taking donations through Wednesay, October 7th, so keep raising those funds, and let's make that final push to hit our goal! 
On a personal note, being able to see faces that I had not seen in 8 months made me realize just how much I miss our MES community, and I also learned just how much of a connection you can make through zoom when you run into someone in person for the first time without realizing you've never actually talked face to face before. It's great to know that while we are all distanced and masked, our sense of community is still going strong!
For what's coming next with the PTO, we will be holding a virtual assembly for the whole school in the coming weeks to announce the prize winners from the Fun Run. We will also be launching our new Move Your Body Campaign to keep our kids movin' and groovin' all year long! 
And last, but definitely not least, we are officially launching our Local Business Support Campaign. We have been working on getting this program ready all summer long, but it become even more important to us after our sponsors showed us that they will support us in good years and bad! We need to tell them just how much we appreciate them. For more infomration on this campaign, visit MammothPTO.org/support. We will be announcing this week's local businesses on Parent Square tomorrow. Keep an eye out for that announcement. 

Thank you again for making this year's Fun Run better than we could have ever expected! 

Lizzie Lipman
PTO President

Local Support Weeks: Our local support weeks will be beginning soon! Starting THIS WEEK!
Room Parent Program: Please email us at MammothPTO@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a room parent for your child's classroom. We are hoping to have a room parent assigned to each and every class within the first 2 weeks of school starting.
Move Your Body Campaign: We are working on creating fun and creative ways to encourage all MES students (and their families) to get moving. If you would like to volunteer for this committee, please contact Nicolette Alvarado at

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