Weekly Update- October 25, 2020

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Good Morning MES Families,
It's Halloween week, and we have a lot of treats in store for our Husky Pups! MESPTO has teamed up with VFit to put on a fun and wild costume KidFit zoom party this Friday at 2:30pm! This a 30 minute LIVE party that will get your kids moving, dancing and having a blast, and it's a great chance to show off this year's costumes to all of their friends and classmates. This is a private event that is FREE for all MES families. A HUGE thank you to Rachele Jaegers, owner of VFit, for donating her time and energy to help add some extra fun to our students' Halloween this year. Click here for more details and zoom link

And what Halloween is complete without a little trick or treating? This year, between 12:00-2:00 on Halloween (Saturday, October 31st), you can drive through the high school parking lot for our first ever drive-thru Halloween trick or treating event! Everyone in the car MUST be wearing a mask (and not just the Halloween kind). This took a lot of careful planning and revisions to make sure it was a safe event for all, so make sure to thank your school's ASB, and a special shout out to our own MES teacher, Leigh Ann Turner, for taking the lead on the elementary school's part in this event! 
Click here for more details (English)
Click here for more details (Spanish)

Trick or treating only works if there are treats to pass out. This is an all district event, so that means lots of students will be driving through for candy. The school district is asking that each school has 6000 pieces of candy on hand to make sure there is enough to go around. Please drop a few bags of candy into our donation bin at the front of Vons this week to help ensure this event is a huge success!

I hope you have a spooktacular Halloween this year!
Lizzie Lipman
PTO President

Candy Donations: Please donate candy in our donation bin at the front of Vons any day this week
Local Support Weeks: Changing things up a little bit and will be re-launching in the next few weeks.
Move Your Body Campaign: We are excited to announce that this will be launching on November 1st and will include tons of fun activities, KidFit classes, and workouts that will keep your kids active throughout the remainder of distance learning.
Weekly Paper Lesson Plans: New pen to paper lesson plans for students TK-2nd that include games, activities, worksheets and science projects are now available in our store at
MammothPTO.org. These plans are free to download, and we are also hoping to be able to offer a printed version soon. 

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