Weekly Update- July 26th, 2020

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Hi MES Famlies!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our survey for the Reopening Task Force. Your feedback played an integral role in guiding our discussion on the committee. As most of you already know, we will be opening in the distance learning format through the first semester of school. This decision was made by the state due to our surge in local cases and was out of the control of the reopening task force, school board and superintendent. While I know some of our MES families were hoping for in-seat learning to happen in the fall, once Mono County was put on the state's watch list, it became clear that distance learning was the only option for the entire semester. One silver lining to the decision being made during the middle of the task force meetings was that we were able to focus solely on finding solutions for our current situation and discuss how to create a better distance learning experience for everyone. 

Some of the main points that came up in our survey results were that families are worried about the socialization of our kids, flexibility of schedules, the mental health of our kids, and how families will be able to work while their kids are learning from home. These are all topics that were discussed at length in the committee meetings, and the PTO is working with the district on ways to help with all of this.

To pull off such a huge undertaking, it will require the entire community working together for the common goal of our kids, and our community is already rising to the challenge. Organizations like the Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation, Mono Arts Council, and IMACA, just to name a few, have all reached out to the district to offer their help and services. 

School, this upcoming year, will look very different from the sudden emergency distance learning that went into effect last March. Grades and attendance will count, there is going to be a lot more required of the students (and in turn parents), and accountability measures will be in place for both students and teachers. The district is also ensuring that workloads will be much more consistent throughout the school. To learn about how everything is going to work, please join Superintendent Jennifer Wildman, Principal Frankie Alvarado, and Learning Director Michelle McMillian for an in depth look at all things MES related on August 4th at 5:30pm. 

I know there are still a lot more questions than there are answers, but please know that everyone has been working overtime throughout the entire summer break to help make this year the very best it can be. 

As always, thanks so much for all your support!
Lizzie Lipman
PTO President

Local Support Weeks: As a thank you to all of the local businesses that have supported MES over the years, we are introducing local support weeks to highlight all of those that have so generously supported us. 
Husky Pup Fun Run: We are brainstorming about different options that will allow us to continue our annual tradition of the Husky Pup Fun Run Fundraiser. If you would like to volunteer for this event, please contact us at MammothPTO@gmail.com
New Outdoor Learning Areas: Mr. Alvarado is working on creating new outdoor learning areas at both the elementary and middle schools. He is in need of volunteers for this project on the design aspect, gathering of materials and implementation. If you are interested, please reach out to the PTO or contact Mr. Alvarado directly at FAlvarado@mammothusd.org

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