Weekly Update- July 12,2020

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Hi MES Famlies!

We are already half way through July! Time is flying, and the PTO has been hard at work to get everything ready for the start of school, no matter what the year ahead ends up looking like. There are a few things that we can predict at this point. The first thing is a much bigger need for school supplies. To keep all students as safe as possible, teachers have asked that everyone has their own individual set of school supplies instead of a bulk supply that students share. These supplies will come in handy no matter what the reopening of school looks like, and the PTO is working on a school supply fundraiser to help meet this need. More information on this will be coming out soon.

Another thing we are preparing for is a big need for children's masks. While the district is working on being able to provide student's with a mask, I think we all know how many of those masks will go missing, be left at home or will end up broken or dirty. The PTO wants to provide a large supply of back up masks to have on hand for just this purpose. We are asking for volunteer sewers and/or mask donations. If you are able to help us with this, please contact us at MammothPTO@gmail.com. 

And one last thing that's a little more on the fun side! Help us win $10,000! Box Tops is giving away $10,000 to 10 schools for the next month. To help us win, download the Box Tops App and scan your grocery receipts every time you go shopping. It's quick, easy, and even if we don't win, the PTO will still receive Box Top money every time you shop. This year will be a tough one for fundraising, while at the same time, the new needs for our teachers and students are looking to be bigger than ever. Every little bit helps! For more details, see below. 

Thanks so much for all your support!
Lizzie Lipman
PTO President

Local Support Weeks: As a thank you to all of the local businesses that have supported MES over the years, we are introducing local support weeks to highlight all of those that have so generously supported us. 
Husky Pup Fun Run: We are brainstorming about different options that will allow us to continue our annual tradition of the Husky Pup Fun Run Fundraiser. If you would like to volunteer for this event, please contact us at MammothPTO@gmail.com
Mask Drive: The PTO is working with the Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation  to provide masks for all students at the start of school. We are also looking for more donations. If you would like to get involved, please email us at MammothPTO@gmail.com
New Volunteer Requirements: As the situation continues to evolve, the requirements for volunteers is also going to change. We are working with the public health department and the district to make sure everyone stays healthy and safe while on campus. 
New Outdoor Learning Areas: Mr. Alvarado is working on creating new outdoor learning areas at both the elementary and middle schools. He is in need of volunteers for this project on the design aspect, gathering of materials and implementation. If you are interested, please reach out to the PTO or contact Mr. Alvarado directly at FAlvarado@mammothusd.org

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