Weekly Update- August 9, 2020

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Hi MES Families! 
Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting on Thursday! This year, the PTO is introducing a lot of new ideas to help support the school during distance learning, as well as having to reinvent old ideas (like the Virtual Husky Pup Fun Run), and it was great to be able to talk through all of that with you. Also, a big thank you to Mrs McMillian and Mr Alvarado for attending and working with us as we brainstorm on all of the new PTO initiatives and for answering all of our questions about the upcoming school year! 

Click here to view the August Meeting Minutes

Our school supply drive is officially up and running at Vons! The collection bin is located at the front of the store by the customer service desk, and we encourage everyone to stop by and grab a shopping list. Vons' let us know that all donations are accepted no matter where they were purchased, so feel free to shop for supplies at Vons, online or you can even bring in extra unused supplies you have at home. If you are anything like me, when you think you are buying a pack of markers on Amazon you can often end up with 9 extra packs that you didn't realize you purchased. We are happy to take those off your hands!

For anyone that wants to support the school supply drive remotely, you can donate through our website here

Thanks to our new Volunteer Coordinator, Nicollette Alvarado, the PTO is introducing a new Room Parent program to help support our teachers during distance learning. Teachers are going to have a lot on their plate this upcoming year, with more work going on behind the scenes than ever before. We are hoping to have a room parent assigned to every class within the first couple of weeks of school starting. If you are interested, please reach out to us at MammothPTO@gmail.com. 

Finally, we want you to know we have been listening to your worries and needs for the upcoming year. While we haven't found a solution to the childcare problem (we are still brainstorming, as is the district!), we do want to help families that are worried about their kids not having pen to paper exercises as part of their school day at home. We will be offering weekly paper lesson plans for TK-2nd graders in both English and Spanish that will be free to download from our website. We are working on options to be able to provide printed versions of these lesson plans, as well. These lesson plans are not in coordination with the teachers, but they are approved for each grade level and include games, activities, worksheets and STEM project tutorials. The plans will be available for download in the next couple of weeks.

In an effort to keep this email brief(ish), please see below for all of the new campaigns we are working on for the upcoming year! We are excited to start this year off strong and to support our families during distance learning as best we can.

Enjoy these last 10 days of summer!
Lizzie Lipman
PTO President

Local Support Weeks: Our local support weeks will be beginning soon! We will have all of the details at our general meeting this Thursday at 6:30pm. 
Husky Pup Fun Run: The tradition will continue! Lindsay Barksdale is heading up the Fun Run committee this year and has done an amazing job reviving the event in the face of a pandemic to make it safe, responsible and fun! If you would like to volunteer for this event, please contact us at MammothPTO@gmail.com
School Supply Drive: Officially up and running! Please visit our donation bin at Vons (by the customer service desk). You can donate supplies purchased in store, online or if you have any unused supplies at home, we'll take those too! 
Room Parent Program: Please email us at MammothPTO@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a room parent for your child's classroom. We are hoping to have a room parent assigned to each and every class within the first 2 weeks of school starting.
Weekly Paper Lesson Plans: We will soon be offering pen to paper lesson plans for students TK-2nd that will include games, activities, worksheets and science projects that are appropriate for each grade level. These plans will be free to download, and we are also hoping to be able to offer a printed version, as well. 

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