We Need Volunteers

It is already 2020 and we are better than half way through the school year. This year the PTO has already taken on a lot of projects both big and small. 
  • Music program funding & instrument purchase
  • Teacher supplemental checks
  • Ballroom dance intro program
  • P.E. supply aid
  • Teachers' educational support
  • S.T.E.M. program funding
  • New fundraising ideas
  • Math education supplies
What lies ahead?  Lots of events with committees and leaders needed to organize them.  Please jump in and join the network of fun.  With the difficult news of Mr Healy leaving, our presence needs to be stronger int he months ahead to support our kids, and their school, in the best way we can! Our Elementary School needs to keep the positive vibe going even while Mr. Healy has to leave us.  Let's pick up what he has given us and keep an optimistic, energetic,"can do" attitude that our kids can rely on! 
In keeping with a strong, friendly, supportive community spirit, we would like to put together a thoughtful, fun, and memorable farewell for Mr. Healy for his last day in school, February 7th.   It may hurt a bit to lose him, but let's send him away with the memory of this community being supporting, fun and caring.
Here are the upcoming events that we can use your help on:
  • February 7th- Farewell/ Thank You! to Mr. Healy
  • Teacher Appreciation Valentine's Day 
  • Enrichment Class offering?  To Do or Not to Do?  We need an organizer!
  • Spring Formal Dance- (End of April?) all grades with any choice of parent. (Theme TBD)
  • Sacramento Trip for 4th grade- May 7-8th
  • Spring Fundraiser for the school at the end of May (28-29th possibly)- Bowling Night with a Big Raffle!

To sign up for any of these events, click here!

Thank you to all of our hardworking volunteers for helping to make Mammoth Elementary the very best for our kids!

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